Educational Levels

Our School is dedicated to developing the whole child and especially in encouraging a spirit of joy, awe, wonder and enthusiasm for learning.


Within our carefully designed and beautiful Montessori environment, our curious Infants and Toddlers with their remarkable sensitivity and intellectual ability will absorb and learn under the care of our specially-trained 0-3 years Montessori Educators.


The Montessori Elementary Programme, designed to encourage children to wonder, work and explore and whose contents are in harmony with the child’s natural development, recognizes that the children are in the second plane of development and this stage is characterized by their reasoning mind; their ability to abstract & imagine; and their passion for research and hands-on exploration.

Lower Primary School

We use the Montessori Curriculum, which is scientific both in its substance and its aim. This is a framework that specifies learning outcomes and knowledge of skills to be learnt

Upper Primary School

We use a well-thought out hybrid of the Montessori, Cambridge & Ghanaian curricular. This constitutes the framework that specifies learning outcomes and knowledge, tools and skills to be attained.